At Fourth Dimension Engineering we have established a reputation for providing innovative approaches to solving our customers’ problems. It is our mission to identify, research and solve problems through creative and innovative application of technology, culminating in quality hardware and software. As one of our customers observed, “4D is unique in being able to combine ‘hi-tech wizardry’ with a practical understanding of customers’ needs. The result has been a steady growth in our business and customer base.

Mission First

We are a Mission First company, dedicated to the idea that empowering employees with the authority to act in the interests of our customers and their mission ultimately leads to enhanced opportunities for growth. Our reputation with our customers and our growth to date attests to the soundness of this idea and our success in living up to it.


The growth and progress of any organization like ours depends on its employees – people with initiative, creativity, and enthusiasm providing exceptional service with integrity and professionalism. We maintain high standards of honesty, hard work and a consistent focus on our customers needs. In the workplace, we promote an atmosphere of open communication and collaboration among all of our employees in which they can learn and grow. Our employees work together for our common success to help us maintain our leadership position in a highly competitive industry.